• Characteristic: erotic massage techniques, using exotic material and essential oils, soft and suggestive music, indirect light and a warm atmosphere are used.


30 minutes


60 minutes




With the Exotic erotic massage you will feel the sensuality in your skin at the hands of one of our tantric masseuses who will achieve, through her delicacy, her sensual movements and her hydrated body on yours, a mixture of sensations that will increase the excitement in This experience is ideal for those who want to relax, achieving greater sensitivity and stimulation of the senses.

To enjoy this exotic and very relaxing massage, you will need a cozy place, something that we have, since our intimate rooms are equipped and decorated so that you can disconnect from all the stress that you live daily, managing to feel a much more pleasant experience for medium of very soft and relaxing background music, dim and very subtle light, as well as a decoration that will make you connect directly with the masseur or the masseur you have chosen to experience your Exotic erotic massage. All these sensations will increase your arousal so that you can achieve a much purer pleasure that, once you have reached the climax, notice that all the tension you had accumulated is gone forever.

The Exotic erotic massage has the best Thai massage techniques, making all your senses enjoy at the same time. In addition, thanks to this modality, the recipient of the massage will be able to interact with the masseuse, always guided by her indications, the professional being the one who directs at all times with soft and very sensual words. The tantric massages that we offer you will make you enjoy an erotic sensation that you have never experienced, with a complicity and positive energy that you will fully enjoy thanks to the sympathy of our erotic masseuses who will perform the best body-to-body exotic tantric massages with great sensuality.

You will be able to live an exotic adventure, very rewarding, ensuring that this sexual experience manages to improve your mood, since it will get you to release all the tensions that you have in your body, getting you to recharge with positive energy and vitality with a pleasure that you cannot you had never experienced, thanks to tantric massages, the eroticism of our masseuses and the use of essential oils.

Additional Information

  • We perform massages in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the center and you want to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the price of the taxi to the price of the massage.

  • You can too extend the time of your massage To enjoy greater pleasure, find out.
  • We carry out the best erotic massages in Madrid to men, women and couples.