• Characteristic: Thai massage, body hydration, sensitivity, excitement, sensuality, essential oils, background music, guided massage, melee.


30 minutes


70 minutes




The erotic Thai Sensual massages that we have for you in our tantric massage center will stimulate you in every way, since, thanks to the masseuses that we have for you, you will enjoy a true Thai massage with hydrated bodies that will move on you so that you feel every inch of their skin, with a very sensual and erotic rhythm so that you can feel all the vigor of their experienced bodies.

With these massages you will notice that the sensitivity of your skin is greater, with a more intense excitement since you will have the entire body of the masseuse on yours, feeling their body slide over yours, helping you to stimulate all the senses of your being, including if you wish a massage of the perineal area that will drive you crazy.

In Thai Sensual or Thai-style massages, essential oils are used so that the body is more hydrated and the techniques applied by our erotic masseuses are more intense and exciting, making you feel the best Thai massage in your body that you can enjoy in your life. and all in a very cozy space that you will fully enjoy since we will have soft and relaxing music for you that will make you disconnect from everything outside and focus on the body of our masseuse. With this environment that we create for you, what we want is that you can enjoy the pleasure in all its splendor and intensity, since you will be able to experience a combination between the greatest relaxation and maximum excitement with these Thai Sensual massages.

This very special Thai massage is performed on a comfortable futon that will make the experience as satisfying as possible, and the recipient will be able to interact, guided at all times by the masseuse they have chosen, thus making the experience more intense and sensory and above all increase excitement by being able to feel much better the body that is on you.

You will enjoy an incredible experience thanks to the Thai Sensual body-to-body tantric massages, since our masseuses will use the most effective tantric techniques and they seek that you can relax but at the same time you can have an excitement and a pleasure that you will not forget, turning this experience into something unique and completely erotic.

Additional Information

  • Find out if you want your massage to last longer.
  • Massages can be performed on men, women and also couples.
  • In the case of requesting an erotic massage at your hotel and it is not located in the center, you will be able to enjoy it without problems, but the round trip taxi fare will be added to the cost of the massage.