• Characteristic: Sensitive massage, hydrated body, sensitivity, excitement, essential oils, ambient music, passive massage, stimulation of erogenous zones.


30 minutes


60 minutes




The Sensitive Palace massage is one of the most basic massages that you can enjoy in our center. It is an erotic massage in which you will experience different tantric massage techniques, using only the hands of the masseuse, who will be wearing clothes at all times. Sensitive massages play with all the sensations that the body can experience, also including a touch of imagination.

If you want to start with a more basic experience within erotic and sensitive massages, we recommend that you choose the Sensitive Palace massage, since the pleasure you will receive is incredible, very satisfying and making you feel the purest and most intense climax you have ever experienced. The tantric masseuse will use their hands, forearms and elbows to stimulate your body, release tension from head to toe, but without you enjoying the erotic body-to-body techniques, knowing that it is a massage in which the receiver must be passive at all times.

This sensitive erotic massage makes the receiver fully enjoy thanks to the techniques that the masseuse is going to practice with her hands. In addition to making movements and pressure on your body so that you can feel much more, essential oils will be used that will hydrate and stimulate the senses to the maximum, achieving maximum excitement that can be fully enjoyed.

The Sensitive Palace massage is performed on a pleasant futon where the recipient will lie down and let himself be carried away by the expert hands of the erotic masseuse, having to follow her instructions but being passive. Thanks to the facilities of our tantric massage center you can enjoy a very welcoming, suggestive atmosphere that will help you relax and live the experience you are going to practice to the fullest. Along with the essential oils that will give off pleasant scents and fragrances, ambient music will be used to achieve full stimulation and above all, to let the mind go.

If what you want is an erotic sensitive massage to make your way into the best experiences that tantric massages can give you, but starting from the most basic levels, we advise you to contact us, since our masseuses will be waiting for you with great pleasure. to make you have a good time and leave your stress out.

Additional Information

  • Find out if you want your massage to last longer.
  • Massages can be performed on men, women and also couples.
  • In the case of requesting an erotic massage at your hotel and it is not located in the center, you will be able to enjoy it without problems, but the round trip taxi fare will be added to the cost of the massage.