• Characteristic: Through this massage you will enjoy a highly erotic experience. In the second part of the massage, a second masseuse will be incorporated who will increase the sensual intensity of the massage.


70 minutes




If you are one of those who want to live one of the most erotic and pleasurable experiences that you have been able to enjoy in your entire life, we recommend the temptation massage. The temptation massage, as its name suggests, is ideal for those who want to fall into the most intense and passionate temptation, with maximum enjoyment with a massage that will have two parts. In the first one you will have a tantric masseuse with whom you will enjoy a very sensual dance and who will massage you using essential oils and all her passion. But to increase your excitement and stimulation in the second part you will live the maximum temptation with a second masseuse so that you can fulfill all your fantasies.

With this erotic massage you will achieve full excitement, since you will be able to see how the two masseuses interact with each other to stimulate you and that your pleasure will increase, being able to interact with the two in movements that will make you live a stimulating experience, full of eroticism. and passion that will make your body vibrate with pleasure until you reach, through tantric and very sensual massages, the best orgasm you have been able to enjoy, since our masseuses will do everything in their bodies and in their hands so that the climax be the most intense thing you’ve ever experienced.

If you have always had the fantasy that two erotic masseuses would make you enjoy yourself fully and with an orgasm full of pleasure and intensity, then this is the service you need, since, in addition to experiencing very intense levels of excitement and interaction, you will also You can feel that your body relaxes and manages to eliminate the stress that stresses you every day, achieving that during the time you are with our or our masseuses, your body and mind forget everything and you can live an experience that will change you completely. and that will make you leave our facilities with a smile on your face.

In our tantric massage center you will be able to live this full and erotic experience with total discretion, but it is also a very cozy place where the atmosphere will invite you to relax and enjoy the best experience fulfilling your most hidden desires and fantasies with the temptation massage.

Additional Information

  • Find out if you want your massage to last longer.

  • Massages can be performed on men, women and also couples.
  • In the case of requesting an erotic massage at your hotel and it is not located in the center, you will be able to enjoy it without problems, but the round trip taxi fare will be added to the cost of the massage.