• Characteristic: Lingerie that can be seen and suddenly disappears before the eyes; fantasy and fun


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45 minutes


90 minutes




If your thing, in addition to erotic massages, is sensuality, fun and having a very relaxed and pleasant time, then you have to live the experience of a lifetime with the Streapalace massage. This type of service is incredible, since it will start with the masseuse you have chosen wearing very suggestive and sensual lingerie, with striptease movements that will run through your body slowly and seductively, allowing you to lie down quietly to see how the clothes fall off and The naked body of our masseuse approaches you to give you the most complete erotic massage of your life.

This tantric massage is ideal for those people who love preliminaries and who prefer to go little by little, since, unlike the other services in which you will see the masseuse naked at all times, here you will see how she undresses for you with very provocative and sensual movements, a dance of pleasure and lust just for you and your senses. If you have always wanted someone to give you a professional striptease and end up with nothing and massaging your entire body with her own body, this is the ideal erotic massage for you. Here you are the boss since you can choose the masseuse you want from those we have in our specialized massage center, but also the lighting or music, even the type of room you prefer, trying in all cases to meet your requirements and your desires so that you can spend one of the best moments of your life and you can relax your mind and your body, giving yourself to the purest and most morbid pleasure.

The masseuse will know how to touch you as you have always wanted, with delicacy, with great subtlety so that your sensations to her touch go from less to more, such as the excitement that you will experience when you notice her body rubbing against yours, since this type of massage will be given both with the hands as with the naked body of our specialist, looking at all times for you to reach climax with very high levels of pleasure, more than what you have experienced before, since they know the points that must be pressed on your body and stimulate so that the orgasm is as well as intense and long-lasting, achieving on the other hand that all the tension leaves your body in this way and you get to leave our facilities without any hassle and with your batteries recharged for your day to day.

For any preference in the type of erotic massage that you want, as well as in the decoration or even essential oils that will be used to moisturize and stimulate your skin, just tell us so that we can do everything in our power to make you the most comfortable person. happy with an exciting and very pleasant massage.

Additional Information

  • Find out if you want your massage to last longer.
  • Massages can be performed on men, women and also couples.
  • In the case of requesting an erotic massage at your hotel and it is not located in the center, you will be able to enjoy it without problems, but the round trip taxi fare will be added to the cost of the massage.