• Characteristic: Couples massage, tantric techniques, one or several masseuses, erotic fantasy, extremely exciting.



According to massage and chosen time.



If you and your partner are open people, who like to experiment and live different adventures in your relationship, we give you the chance to do so in our center, since you will have erotic massages for couples who want to feel the maximum pleasure together with desired masseuses, guiding you so that you can fully enjoy your bodies in a way that you had not imagined before.

In our erotic and tantric massage center you will be able to experience the most intense pleasure with any of the massages that we have prepared for you, thus ensuring that the gossip of your passion continues to burn in an incredible way with the help of the masseuse that you prefer, you can both choose the one you like the most or even if you want to surprise her, choose one or one without the other person knowing, this being the key to reaching a much more suggestive and active excitement.

The way to enjoy our services is very simple, since you will only have to choose your tantric massage for couples that we have in our menu of erotic massages in Madrid, and then, choose a masseur or a masseuse or two, being able to even alternate to that the experience that you and your partner are going to live is very pleasant and reaches impressive levels of pleasure. Whether you want to see your partner reach orgasm from another perspective or you are even interested in living the experience of seeing your girl being massaged by one of our erotic masseuses, you will be able to do so with complete peace of mind, since we want you to fully enjoy your sexuality , being able to explore and discover your most hidden fantasies, fulfilling them in our facilities.

Erotic massages for couples are intended for maximum pleasure and you can enjoy an adventure that you will talk about in complete safety once you leave our massage center, which has a series of rooms equipped so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed while a masseuse give a massage to two or two of our expert masseuses they do it together, even if you want two tantric masseuses of your choice to massage your partner while you are watching how he reaches the most intense climax and then do exactly the same when you are in your bed

In our center we want you to have all the possible facilities so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest, for this reason, you and your partner are going to be the people who set the limits and if, for example, you want to keep your partner’s climax for yourself, You can do it yourself, just tell us and we will tell the erotic masseuses you have chosen to satisfy you as much as possible.

Additional Information

  • Find out if you want your massage to last longer.
  • Massages can be performed on men, women and also couples.
  • In the case of requesting an erotic massage at your hotel and it is not located in the center, you will be able to enjoy it without problems, but the round trip taxi fare will be added to the cost of the massage.